Design Office

VTE Conseil is a design, consultancy and engineering office that provides solutions to the technical,
energy and environmental challenges of your energy transition projects. VTE Conseil relies on its
teams of expert consultants to carry out custom-made assignments, from the preliminary study
through to the recovery of materials at end of their life cycle.

Making your vehicle fleet greener

VTE CONSEIL offers pragmatic solutions to fleet managers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Our transport needs analysis, together with operational and environmental constraints, leads to the drafting of suitable and realistic energy mix scenarios, favouring alternative fuels such as NGV, LNG, Biomethane and Hydrogen whenever possible.
Each scenario is complemented by a study of its financial, technical (maintenance, buildings, workshops) and human impact.

Example of an assignment:

  • Analysis of the activity of the vehicle fleet and creation of the ideal energy mix, taking into account technical, budgetary, regulatory and social constraints, etc.

Supporting your industrial projects

VTE CONSEIL will assist you at every stage of the implementation of your industrial projects involving the energy transition: Methanisation, filling systems, fitting of maintenance workshops and operating sites, etc. Our speciality: custom-made solutions

Example of an assignment:

  • Installation of a private CNG station
  • Identification of the company’s logistics requirements, purchasing recommendations and tender management

Research and Development

VTE CONSEIL will assist manufacturers, panel beaters and equipment suppliers with their NGV projects: alterations to CNG installations, LNG-CNG retrofits, installation of on-board NGV equipment: boilers, refrigeration units, heaters, etc. Together we draw up specifications and build your prototypes in our workshops or on site

Example of an assignment:

  • Retrofit of a fleet of diesel-powered heavy goods vehicles to NGV
  • Design of a mobile CNG station on an articulated lorry

ATEX studies

VTE CONSEIL will carry out an audit of your integrated workshops to define ATEX areas. Each area is subject to technical (detection, alarm, ventilation, etc.), organisational and human recommendations to understand and manage the ATEX risk to which your employees are exposed.


For more information, refer to the guide to adapting maintenance workshops for NGV/BioNGV vehicles drawn up by the AFGNV (French Association for Natural Gas for Vehicles) and publication ED6090 drafted by the INRS (French National Research and Safety Institute), entitled Industrial vehicles powered by natural gas: Preventive measures against the risks associated with NGV

Example of an assignment:

  • Analyse de l’activité du parc de véhicules et constitution du mix énergétique idéal prenant en compte les contraintes techniques, budgétaires, règlementaires, sociales…

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