Inspection Office

VTE Inspections is our inspection office that specialises Control by detailed inspections (CID) for your NGV-powered heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses and commercial vehicles.


Our inspectors travel across France and work directly on your fleet.

Our strength

  • Appointment within 24 hours
  • More than 2,000 vehicles inspected since 2018
  • 24/7 service across France
  • 5 approved and certified inspectors
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Your vehicle is 4 years old or was last inspected 4 years ago

A CID is mandatory

We put our expertise at your service to carry out:

  • A thorough inspection of CNG tanks and high-pressure system in compliance with legal procedures
  • Functional tests of all components
  • A verification of safety devices.

Useful information

failure to produce a valid CID report at the MOT is considered a major defect. In this case, the vehicle will not be allowed on the road and will have to go for a follow-up inspection.

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Your CNG vehicle has been involved in an accident, a fire or has been damaged. Or the CNG system has been repaired/modified

A CID is mandatory

Our inspectors assess the CNG installation, evaluate the damage and make an impartial and transparent decision on whether or not components need to be replaced:


  • You will receive a report detailing each defect noted, with photographs, its degree of criticality and the actions to be taken.
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A CID after the CNG system has been modified as part of a retrofit or vehicle conversion

A CID is mandatory

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You are selling or buying a CNG vehicle

A CID is mandatory

We are here to help you secure your purchase and/or deliver:

  • New vehicle: Fittings and bodywork can affect the roadworthiness, maintenance and durability of your new vehicle.
  • Used vehicles: a CID will protect you from legal risks and costly repairs.
CID or Control by inspection ?

A CID, or Control by detailed inspection is a visual check, carried out without disassembly, of all the components in the vehicle’s high-pressure system. Tanks, valves, pipes and fittings, shut-off and safety devices, pressure gauges, etc. operating at a working pressure of 200 bar are subject to specific monitoring and regular inspections to prevent any risk of fire or explosion.

Current regulations for NGV vehicles ?

Under the Order of 12 July 2010 and UNECE Regulation R110, the French Minister for Transport has made it compulsory for all heavy goods vehicles to undergo a CID of their CNG system every 4 years, and again in the event of an accident, when the tanks have been replaced or the system has been significantly modified, or when the vehicle has been exposed to excess pressure or involved in a fire, etc.
In France, only COFREND*-certified inspectors are authorised to carry out a CID, in compliance with a strict regulatory framework, and to issue official reports.
* the French Confederation for Non-destructive Testing

* Confédération Française des Essais Non Destructifs

Preparing a vehicle for a CID:

 Telechargement fichier PDF « comment préparer un véhicule au CID »


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